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Coach Kelly Unverdorben


In over 20 years of coaching Kelly has taken 5 different indoor teams to the USA Jr. Nationals winning 4 bid qualifiers. She has helped coach 10 different beach volleyball teams to the USA Jr. Nationals. Kelly has won state titles at 2 different schools and has won 5 New York State titles in the last 8 years. She was voted the 2017 Coach of the Year by the NY State Coaches Association. 

Why EVP Training?


Playing high school, beach and club volleyball is great for gaining experience and getting repetitions. However, when you are 1 out of 12 players on a team, it is extremely difficult for a coach to spend quality time working on an individual player's techniques. Reaffirming poor fundamentals over and over in practice only makes it harder to break those bad habits the longer you play. 

What is EVP Training?


EVP Training builds solid fundamentals and good habits by using personalized individual training. EVPT creates a foundation of great habits in players just beginning, as young as 8 years old, by using proven techniques that players can easily understand and feel. EVPT works with more experienced players by breaking down bad habits and building back solid fundamentals through EVPT's advanced repetition training. 

EVP Training Packages


Sold out Spring 2020! Limited spots available for Summer 2020 sessions!

4 week package $245   

6 week package $275

8 week package $295 (best deal)

Personalized training 

Private volleyball lessons in Portville, Olean  area. Buffalo/Rochester welcome. 


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Coach Kelly has worked with and  developed players on all levels. She has coached a NY State Gatorade Player of the Year, two-time NY State Tournament MVP, and dozens of all-state players. She has helped players reach division 1, 11 and 111 college careers using the Coach's proven techniques to develop their games to the highest level. 


Despite being out-sized in every playoff game and against every team in the 2017 & 2018 State Tournaments, Coach Kelly's Portville Team dominated with skill and precision through the years of techniques taught by the coach and perfected by the players. It was Portville's 4th State Championship in 5 years under Coach Unverdorben and the Coach's 5th title in 8 years. 

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EVP runs as follows:

  • One session per week
  • Due to volume, make-up sessions will not be possible
  • Sessions are one hour long (please do not be late)
  • Working on one in particular skill of player's choice
  • Sessions may include up to four to six participants (decision made by instructor)

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